June 16, 2024

TRENDING NOW: Bassirou Diomaye Faye Elected Fifth President of Senegal on March 24, 2024  🇸🇳

Sydney 29

Exposing Corruption & Embezzlement Cases from the Cour des Comptes Report

A Nation Betrayed: Corruption and Embezzlement at the Highest Levels  Since President Bassirou Diomaye Faye assumed office, our nation has been plunged into a disconcerting reality. Corruption and embezzlement have permeated the highest echelons of power.President Faye promptly ordered the revelation of these findings by the Cour des Comptes—an independent institution with the primary mission […]

New Government Faces Scrutiny Over Broken Promises

In this analytical exploration, we delve into recent developments in Senegal’s political landscape. President Bassirou Diomaye Faye, who campaigned on promises of radical reform, has appointed a cabinet filled with fresh faces. However, the situation has taken an unexpected turn. Key positions that were supposed to be opened to the public have instead been filled by party loyalists. As a result, accusations of broken promises are swirling, and the public is closely scrutinizing the government’s actions.

Full Analysis & Recommendations: Senegal’s Coastal Real Estate Boom: A Legal Paradox

In Senegal, a legal paradox is unfolding along the picturesque coastline. Despite laws that designate the land around the sea as public domain, a construction boom is transforming these once communal spaces into private properties. In this analytical exploration, we delve into the situation and provide recommendations on how to address this complex issue.

📰 Senegal’s Broken Promises: A Disillusioned Diaspora and the Path Forward 🌍🇸🇳

Dakar, Senegal — The Pastef party’s electoral victory in 2024 was met with hope and anticipation. Senegalese citizens, both at home and abroad, believed that change was on the horizon. The party had promised transparency, merit-based appointments, and opportunities for the diaspora. However, reality soon shattered those dreams. The Broken Promise The Pastef party had pledged […]

Senegal’s Oil, Gas and Mining Sector: A Look at Past and Present Key Players

As Senegal stands on the brink of a new era in its oil, gas, and mining sectors, it is imperative to reflect on the broader implications of foreign investment and ownership in these industries. While the expertise and capital brought in by international companies are invaluable, it is equally crucial for Senegal to harness its own human and natural resources to foster sustainable development.

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