June 25, 2024

TRENDING NOW: Bassirou Diomaye Faye Elected Fifth President of Senegal on March 24, 2024  🇸🇳

Sydney 29


The Senegalese diaspora, particularly those residing in the United States, expresses profound disappointment with the new government’s failure to fulfill its promise of opening job opportunities to the public. This missed opportunity denies the diaspora a chance to actively contribute to their country’s development.

Instead of adhering to their campaign pledge, the government has chosen to nominate party members for key positions. 

We want this government to understand that it is not only their party members who voted for them; there are Senegalese people who do not engage in politics and voted for them solely because of their promise for change, particularly in terms of opening up job opportunities to all qualified candidates who do not belong to their party.

While we acknowledge the challenges of establishing a robust application system for Senegalese globally, we urge the government to prioritize this effort. The process involves creating a mechanism for submission, monitoring applications, conducting background checks, interviewing candidates, and finalizing hiring decisions. Although these tasks take time, the government should proactively prepare the system to ensure future job opportunities are accessible to the diaspora.

The diaspora’s role transcends financial contributions; it encompasses their expertise and experience. Senegalese professionals in various fields from developed countries possess valuable insights that can benefit the nation. Discrimination against non-political individuals during recruitment should be avoided. A truly inclusive Senegal will thrive by combining diverse ideas and experiences.

In summary, the new government must harness the diaspora’s expertise to propel Senegal forward, honoring their promise of change and fostering a nation built on collaboration and innovation.

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