June 25, 2024

TRENDING NOW: Bassirou Diomaye Faye Elected Fifth President of Senegal on March 24, 2024  🇸🇳

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Solidarity and Resilience: The “Jiguenn Pastef” Movement’s Tribute to Political Detainees

The women of the “Jiguenn Pastef” movement, who yesterday organized a ceremony “Sargal the political prisoners”, focused their attention on their goals at the event. The current political crisis seems to offer them an opportunity to advance in their struggle for women’s rights.The women, members of the “Jiguenn Pastef” movement, chose to gather at a

Justine Manga: First Female Mayor of Nyassia

The recent municipal elections in the department of Ziguinchor, Senegal saw the victory of two women, including Justine Manga, who was elected mayor of the commune of Nyassia. This has sparked debates about the lack of female political leadership in the region, but for those familiar with Manga’s journey, her win was not surprising.Born and

Diaspora Voices – Entrepreneur Spotlight – Sophie Seck – Founder of Expedition Subsahara

Diaspora Voices presents an entrepreneur spotlight on Sophie Seck, a creative force who has woven her Senegalese heritage into a thriving business. Seck’s venture, Expedition Subsahara, showcases the artistry of Senegalese weaving, transforming traditional techniques into vibrant, functional baskets that celebrate African craftsmanship and support community artisans.

Diaspora Voices – Entrepreneur Spotlight – Maguette Wade – Founder of Adina World Beat Beverages

Diaspora Voices shines a spotlight on Magatte Wade, a visionary Senegalese entrepreneur who has made significant strides in promoting African prosperity. Wade is renowned for her innovative ventures such as Adina World Beat Beverages and Tiossan, which leverage traditional African ingredients and recipes to create global market products. Her entrepreneurial spirit and advocacy for economic freedom are transforming perceptions and driving change across the continent. #senegal #englishnews

Diaspora Voices – Entrepreneur Spotlight – Natty Ndate Beye – Founder of NattyTech LLC

Natty Ndate Beye, a tech entrepreneur and cyber security engineer from Senegal, founded the Boys & Girls Clubs of Senegal (BGCSN), offering educational programs and English learning resources. Additionally, she established NattyTech LLC, specializing in cyber security, cloud storage, domain hosting, and generative AI (GenAI) to drive innovation and enhance digital security.

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