June 25, 2024

TRENDING NOW: Bassirou Diomaye Faye Elected Fifth President of Senegal on March 24, 2024  🇸🇳

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🔍 A Nation Betrayed: Corruption and Embezzlement at the Highest Levels 💔
Since President Bassirou Diomaye Faye assumed office, our nation has been plunged into a disconcerting reality. Corruption and embezzlement have permeated the highest echelons of power.
President Faye promptly ordered the revelation of these findings by the Cour des Comptes—an independent institution with the primary mission of ensuring the proper use of public funds and informing citizens.
The recent Cour des Comptes report has exposed a sordid web of illicit activities. Top-ranking officials, former ministers, and influential figures stand accused. From fraudulent salary payments to the Sicap SA Scandal, coastal land sales to foreign investors, and the Leopold Sedar Senghor Airport land division—these are not isolated incidents.
These transgressions involve government officials, high-ranking figures, and even close associates—friends and family of these officials.
In response, a thorough investigation is underway to hold those responsible accountable.
As responsible citizens, we must rise in collective anger and demand accountability. Our resolve must be unwavering, for only through exposure and rectification can we reclaim our nation’s integrity.

Investigative Findings

Mayor’s Salary Fraud:

The mayor of Medina falsely paid salaries from the national budget into his own pocket.

Similar fraudulent practices were observed in other municipalities.

Sicap SA Scandal

The Sicap SA scandal stands as a stark testament to the erosion of public trust. This government-owned company, entrusted with managing land resources for the benefit of all Senegalese citizens, instead favored a select few. Here are the key findings:

Unjust Land Allocation:

Sicap SA granted prime land in Sacré-Cœur, Cité Keur Gorgui, and other areas to its top leadership.

These lands were originally earmarked for public infrastructure, housing, and community development.

The distribution process was marred by favoritism, leaving ordinary citizens excluded.

Foreign Exploitation:

Shockingly, some officials exploited their positions by selling these valuable lands to foreign investors.

These investors, unencumbered by the struggles faced by Senegalese natives, developed properties at exorbitant prices.

The result? A widening gap between the privileged and the disenfranchised.

Coastal Land Sold to Foreign Investors by Former Government Officials

The coastal land, once classified as public domain, was declassified and subsequently divided among former government officials. Shockingly, these officials then sold these valuable coastal properties to foreign investors, exacerbating the situation and further marginalizing local citizens.

High-end buildings, hotels, and other developments now occupy these ecologically sensitive areas.

Senegalese natives find themselves pushed out, unable to compete in this skewed real estate market.

Leopold Sedar Senghor Airport Land Division

The saga surrounding the former Leopold Sedar Senghor Airport is equally troubling. Here’s what we know:

Presidential Authorization:

Former President Macky Sall authorized the division of land around the airport among government officials.

These officials, entrusted with safeguarding the public interest, instead prioritized personal gain.

The declassification of this land allowed them to allocate it to themselves, excluding ordinary citizens.

Foreign Encroachment:

Foreign investors seized the opportunity, further exacerbating the situation.

They capitalized on the devalued coastal land, constructing high-end buildings and hotels.

Meanwhile, Senegalese natives were pushed out, unable to compete in this skewed real estate market.

Mbour 4 Scandal

In a recent forceful tour of Mbour 4 on May 1, 2024, President Bassirou Diomaye Faye vehemently denounced a vast scandal involving the irregular allocation of hundreds of hectares of land. Witnessing the damage firsthand, he issued a stern warning against this blatant injustice and promised decisive measures to address it.

Recommendations for Justice

Immediate Land Audit:

Conduct an exhaustive audit of all land allocations, especially those involving influential figures.

Identify illegally acquired properties and reclaim them for public use.

Transparency and accountability must guide this process.

Prosecution and Asset Seizure:

Swiftly prosecute officials implicated in land fraud, regardless of their status.

Seize assets acquired through corruption and return them to the state coffers.

Justice demands no exceptions.

Public Awareness Campaign:

Educate citizens about their rights to fair land distribution.

Encourage reporting of irregularities and empower whistleblowers.

An informed populace is our greatest ally against corruption.

Reform Coastal Land Policies:

Revise regulations to prevent further building on ecologically sensitive coastal areas.

Prioritize public access, environmental preservation, and sustainable development.

Our coastline is a national treasure; let us protect it for generations to come.

Airport Restoration and Expansion:

Reopen the Leopold Sedar Senghor Airport, restoring its functionality.

Having multiple airports enhances connectivity, trade, and tourism.

Senegal should take pride in maintaining efficient air travel options.

Closing Remarks:

Senegal stands at a crossroads. By implementing these recommendations, we can dismantle the web of corruption, restore trust, and ensure that land benefits all Senegalese, not just a privileged few. Let us be unwavering in our pursuit of justice, for our nation’s future depends on it. 🇸🇳✨

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