July 17, 2024

TRENDING NOW: Bassirou Diomaye Faye Elected Fifth President of Senegal on March 24, 2024  🇸🇳

Sydney 29

Sunday, January 14, 2024 will remain a memorable date in the history of the Senegalese mass transport system, with the long-awaited inauguration of the Bus rapid transit (BRT). This event marks a new beginning for the capital Dakar and its suburbs in terms of urban mobility.The BRT, which aims to carry up to 300,000 passengers a day, will serve several districts between Dakar and Guédiawaye, in the suburbs. This flagship project of the State was designed to meet the significant mobility needs of the Dakar population, which has long suffered from road congestion.Indeed, despite the many bridges and flyovers built, Dakar continues to suffer from traffic problems, which makes it difficult for residents to get around. The BRT, with its 23 strategic stops, will facilitate the movement of users by offering them a fast, comfortable mode of transport adapted to their needs.The launch of this new public transport infrastructure reflects President Macky Sall’s desire to modernise and optimise the infrastructure of the Senegalese capital. The BRT, as well as the Regional Express Train (Ter), represent large-scale projects to improve the transportation system in the region.This project will also have a positive impact on the country’s economy. Indeed, the commissioning of the BRT has led to the creation of many jobs, particularly in the management and maintenance of the system. In addition, the concession contract signed between the State and the concessionaire Dakar Mobilité S.A. will guarantee quality operation and maintenance for a period of 15 years, thus ensuring the sustainability of the project.Finally, the BRT has been designed with an ecological vision, using air-conditioned and 100% carbon-free buses. It will thus contribute to the reduction of air pollution in the region and to the preservation of the environment.In short, this Sunday, January 14, 2024 marks the beginning of a new era in the Senegalese mass transport system. The BRT will offer many benefits to the inhabitants of Dakar and its suburbs, improving their quality of life and promoting the economic development of the country. President Macky Sall and the government have taken all the necessary steps to ensure the smooth running of the BRT, and we look forward to seeing the results of this ambitious project
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