June 25, 2024

TRENDING NOW: Bassirou Diomaye Faye Elected Fifth President of Senegal on March 24, 2024  🇸🇳

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B assirou Diomaye Faye, commonly known mononymously as Diomaye, is a Senegalese politician and former tax inspector who has served as the 5th and current President of Senegal since 20241. His journey to the presidency is characterized by academic excellence and public service.

Faye was born on March 25, 1980, in Ndiaganiao, in the western department of M’Bour, Senegal.
He belongs to the Serer ethnic group from the Faye family.
His middle name, “Diomaye” means “honorable”, “fearless” in Serer.

Faye’s father, Samba Faye, a long-time member of the Socialist Party of Senegal, instilled left-wing ideals in him.
His grandfather, a Senegalese Tirailleur who fought for France during World War I, was later jailed due to a dispute with French colonial authorities over establishing a district high school in Ndiaganiao, where Faye attended

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Political Career & Presidency

Faye attended Lycée Demba Diop in Mbour and graduated in 2000. He obtained a master’s degree in law from University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar. Faye trained to be a tax inspector at the National School of Administration of Senegal (ENA).

During his time as a tax inspector, he befriended Ousmane Sonko, a fellow alum from the same school. Faye joined PASTEF, a political party founded by Sonko, and became one of its prominent figures. In the 2019 Senegalese presidential election, Sonko, representing PASTEF, placed third, while the incumbent, Macky Sall, was reelected.

Faye himself was arrested in April 2023 on charges of defaming magistrates and contempt of court, stemming from his comments about magistrates’ behavior in some of Sonko’s legal proceedings.

On July 31, the government dissolved PASTEF, alleging that the party had held violent protests earlier that year and also in 2021

Faye assumed office as the 5th President of Senegal on April 2, 2024. He is the general secretary of the banned party PASTEF.
Faye won the 2024 Senegalese presidential election in place of disqualified candidate Ousmane Sonko, whom he later appointed as Prime Minister of Senegal.

Bassirou Diomaye Faye’s presidency marks a significant moment in Senegal’s political landscape, and his journey from a tax inspector to the highest office in the country reflects determination, resilience, and commitment to public service

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