July 17, 2024

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Captain Mame Rokhaya Lô, a trailblazer in the Senegalese Armed Forces, etched her name in history as the first female pilot within this esteemed military institution. Her journey began in the suburbs of Dakar, in Pikine, where she cultivated the resilience and tenacity that would hallmark her military career.

With a Master’s degree in Commerce and Management from the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, Captain Lô embarked on her military path by joining the gendarmerie in 2012. Her management skills compensated for her lack of military background, and she excelled through two years of rigorous training.

Her initial assignment was as an assistant to the commander in the Rufisque company, but her aspirations soared higher. Captain Lô’s ambition propelled her to pursue pilot training within the gendarmerie, and her success in the selection process led her to the skies, piloting ultra-light aircraft.

In her capacity as a pilot, Captain Lô played a crucial role in the aerial division, tasked with national surveillance. Her contributions were particularly notable during significant events like the presidential election on February 24, 2019, where she provided vital support through aerial intelligence.

The seeds of Captain Lô’s military aspirations were sown during her youth, inspired by the gendarmerie’s role in securing the Grand Magal of Touba. Though she once aimed for the National School of Administration, her heart was set on serving her nation through the armed forces.

Educated in Senegal’s public system and a science stream Baccalaureate holder from Limamoulaye High School, Captain Lô was well-prepared for the challenges ahead. She acknowledges the difficulty of her chosen path and encourages aspiring young women to embrace perseverance, self-confidence, and the physical demands of the job.

As a pioneering female captain and pilot, Captain Lô understands the delicate balance between professional duties and personal life, expressing gratitude for her supportive family and in-laws.

Captain Mame Rokhaya Lô stands as a beacon of what can be achieved with unwavering determination and a challenge to gender norms. Her accomplishments pave the way for other women and serve as an enduring inspiration. The Senegalese Armed Forces celebrate having such a dedicated and trailblazing pilot among their ranks.

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