June 25, 2024

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Cinema – Africa Women Film Festival: Between the sublimation of women’s actions, training and humanism

The 2024 edition of the Films Femmes Afrique (Ffa) festival will showcase 66 films from 39 countries across the African continent, with the theme of “Climate Emergency and Peace” chosen for this year’s event. The festival will run from April 26 to May 4, and will take place in various locations throughout Senegal.At a press conference held at the Yennenga Center in Grand Dakar, the festival’s promotional posters featuring women caught the attention of passersby. The organizers of Ffa aim to promote and share stories of African women, whether the films are set in Africa or in the diaspora and whether they are directed by African men or women.Out of more than 500 films submitted, 70 were selected by two separate committees. These films represent a variety of perspectives and will provide a platform for discussions on important issues concerning African women. As the festival’s communication officer Amayel Ndiaye stated, “the idea is to have multiple perspectives on the same subject, and allow the Senegalese audience to engage in debates with members of the film team or experts in the field.”The festival also aims to promote exchange and learning opportunities, with two masterclasses on the film industry scheduled during the course of the event. One of the topics that will be addressed at the festival is the role of cinema as a form of resistance, with invited guests from Haiti, Palestine, Sudan, and Mali sharing their perspectives. The festival’s president, Martine Ndiaye, expressed her hope for solidarity among women from different parts of the world.The Ffa festival is supported by the city of Dakar, with Mayor Soham El Wardini’s cultural advisor present at the press conference. The advisor emphasized that the festival aligns with the city’s goals of promoting cultural awareness and access to works of art.In addition to showcasing films, Ffa will also award a cash prize of 1 million FCFA for the best short film, as well as another 1 million FCFA for the best debut work and 2 million FCFA for the best feature film. These prizes aim to support and recognize the efforts of filmmakers who use their craft to advocate for women’s rights.Overall, the 2024 edition of Ffa promises to be a celebration of African women’s activism and a platform for promoting urgent issues such as climate change and peace. The festival offers a diverse and dynamic program, with the hope of bringing women from different backgrounds together to share their experiences and inspire each other
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