June 25, 2024

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Education and training for all: Babacar Diop allocates 1089 municipal school scholarships to pupils and students in Thiessois –

The Mayor of the City of Thiès, Dr. Babacar Diop, has announced that his government will be providing 1089 municipal school scholarships for the 2023/2024 academic year as part of his “Education and training for all” program. This initiative aims to support local students and promote equal access to education for all Thiessois, regardless of their financial background.The Mayor, during the signing of agreements with various educational institutions, praised the generosity and spirit of the young people in his city. He also highlighted the growing presence of universities, institutes, and vocational schools in Thiès, which he believes marks a significant achievement in decentralizing education in the region.Dr. Diop emphasized the critical role of education in shaping the country’s future, citing the students as the future leaders and builders of the nation. He encouraged them to dream big and strive for excellence, while also reminding them of their responsibility to contribute positively to society.The Mayor stressed the importance of providing quality education and training to the youth, as it is the foundation for economic, social, cultural, and ecological development. He also announced plans to increase the municipal budget for education and offer scholarships for students to pursue higher education abroad.The Governor of the Thiès region, Oumar Mamadou Baldé, commended the Mayor’s initiative and called on other municipalities to follow suit and invest in the education of their young citizens. He added that providing equal opportunities for education is a crucial step towards achieving social equity and promoting economic development.In conclusion, the editorial article applauds the City of Thiès for its efforts in promoting education and training for all and calls on all stakeholders to work together to create a promising future for the city and its people
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