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Lendeng: Guy Marius warns of a serious threat to the Agro-ecological zone –

In a letter addressed to the Minister of Environment, Guy Marius Sagna, a PASTEF house representative, expresses his concern about the threat facing the Agro Ecological Zone of Lendeng. He emphasizes the ecological consequences of this area of 56 hectares, which generates more than 2000 direct and indirect jobs and has a turnover of 1,800,000 FCFA.

“Our country is faced with desertification and deforestation. In such a context, Mr. Minister, should the Agro Ecological Zone of Lendeng not be declared a non-aedificandi area, an Agro Ecological Zone and a vegetable farming perimeter?” almost suggests the deputy.According to the parliamentarian, vegetable farmers and local residents have informed him that a permit has been granted to build a gas station inside the Agro Ecological Zone of Lendeng.

He asks if these allegations are true and if the department cannot oppose it for “the good of all Senegalese citizens.”Guy Marius Sagna thus urges the Minister of Environment to take action against the pollution that the inhabitants of Rufisque are facing.”Moreover, Lendeng plays a role in thermal regulation.

The disappearance of Lendeng will increase acute respiratory infections and further destroy the living environment of Rufisque residents,” he warned.He also questions whether this permit to build a gas station inside Lendeng may conceal other permits that could lead to the destruction of this Agro Ecological Zone.

Arguing that Rufisque is already suffering from the aggression of Lake Retba, Guy Marius Sagna believes that the city and Senegal should not stand by and watch as the Agro Ecological Zone of Lendeng is “put to death with consequences such as unemployment, poverty and environmental degradation,” expressed the concerned deputy.In conclusion, the article raises important environmental and economic issues, highlighting the potential consequences of allowing a gas station to be built in the Agro Ecological Zone of Lendeng. It also calls for action to preserve this important area and protect the well-being of citizens
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