June 25, 2024

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Rescap’art’s journey: A theatre troupe that has become a must-see

Rescap’art, a theater group composed of young artists, has gained a strong reputation thanks to the talent of its actors. Winner of the diversity cultural award at the 2018 Carthage Theater Days, the group has become a prominent presence in the Senegalese theater scene. Led by Abba Guéwël, Papy Mboup, Charles Primoh (director), Madany Sall (technician), Balla Diop, Willy Wandianga, Amdy Mbacké Diop, and others, Rescap’art has not only won awards at international festivals, but has also performed in several countries including Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Benin, Congo, Cameroon, Tunisia, Egypt, and Italy.The highlight for these young actors has been their participation in the prestigious Journées théâtrales de Carthage, which has established Rescap’art as a renowned theater troupe. The company’s first production, “Abba Guéwël,” was met with critical acclaim and has since been performed around the world. This success has allowed the group to participate in various festivals, where they have showcased their talent and represented Senegal on an international level.Rescap’art has also received high praise from Massamba Guèye, a researcher, writer, storyteller, poet, and literary critic, who commended the group’s growth from a company to a true theater troupe. He noted that “a theater company is an organized structure where actors work together under a common artistic vision. Rescap’art has become a true troupe because of the strong bond and support between its members.” This camaraderie and brotherhood within the group has been essential to their success.Founded in 2017 by Willy Wandianga, Balla Diop, Amdy Mbacké Diop, and Dial Thiam, Rescap’art is a culmination of each member’s past experience in other theater groups. Confident in their ability and with a strong desire to create their own productions, these former colleagues from the Macodou Mbaye Theater Academy decided to start their own company.In the beginning, Rescap’art did not have a director, so the founders worked collaboratively on all aspects of their productions, drawing from their training in theater and directing. This collective process was evident in their first play, “La vie et la mort,” which took four months of intense rehearsals to perfect. The group’s dedication was evident as they would rehearse late into the night at the Blaise Senghor Cultural Center, juggling their day jobs and television gigs.The founders’ diverse backgrounds and individual strengths also allowed Rescap’art to pursue various projects. This flexibility and willingness to explore different forms of artistic expression have been integral to the troupe’s growth and success.In conclusion, Rescap’art’s journey from a fledgling company to an established theater troupe is a testament to the hard work and dedication of its members. With a strong sense of solidarity and a shared passion for theater, this group of young artists has proven their ability to captivate audiences and represent Senegal on the global stage. We can only look forward to what Rescap’art has in store for us in the future
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