June 25, 2024

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Senegal-Agriculture-Perspectives: Mabouba Diagne calls for the establishment of factory farms –

Mabouba Diagne, the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty, and Livestock, has called for the establishment of farm factories to support the transformation of agriculture. According to Diagne, agriculture is now a science that requires precision and careful planning. He emphasized the importance of not only focusing on production but also considering ways to establish farm factories to support the transformation process.During his visit to the horticultural farms in Kirène and the Intermaq warehouse in Sindia, Diagne highlighted the need to reduce the importation of fruits and vegetables, which currently amounts to 340,000 tons and costs the country 66 billion Francs CFA annually. To address this issue, the government is considering creating communal cooperatives to provide opportunities for young people and women to engage in agriculture with the support of agricultural technicians.Diagne also praised the involvement of private companies in training and emphasized its importance in the government’s strategy for food sovereignty. He commended Intermaq as an example of a private company investing in the country’s priority areas. Intermaq, which specializes in the mechanization of agriculture, has invested over EUR 130 million (around 85 billion Francs) in purchasing agricultural equipment to enhance the modernization of the sector. Diagne encouraged other private companies to follow in Intermaq’s footsteps, stating that with such examples, “we can achieve great things.”In conclusion, the visit of the Minister to the horticultural farms and Intermaq’s warehouse highlights the government’s efforts towards achieving food sovereignty. The need for precision and modernization in agriculture, the reduction of food imports, and the involvement of the private sector are all essential elements of this strategy. Overall, the ministry’s approach towards achieving food sovereignty seems to be on the right track, with promising partnerships with the private sector
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