July 17, 2024

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Strengthening of bilateral relations between Senegal and Saudi Arabia

The Minister of African Integration and Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Yassine Fall, recently received a Saudi parliamentary delegation led by Dr Aymen Ben Saleh Fadel, President of the parliamentary friendship group. The meeting, which was also attended by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Senegal, Mr. Saad Abdullah Alnofai, aimed to strengthen bilateral relations and explore new areas of cooperation.This meeting is a testament to the strong and friendly ties between Senegal and Saudi Arabia, two countries with a long history of diplomatic relations. The delegation’s visit highlights the importance both nations place on fostering deeper cooperation and building a stronger partnership.During the meeting, the group discussed various issues of mutual interest, including trade, investment, and cultural exchanges. The delegation also expressed their admiration for Senegal’s progress and development in recent years, particularly in areas such as health and education.Mrs. Yassine Fall emphasized the importance of expanding collaboration in various fields and encouraged Saudi investors to explore opportunities in Senegal’s growing economy. She also expressed her gratitude for the ongoing support of Saudi Arabia towards Senegal’s development and stability.The visit of the parliamentary delegation marks a significant step towards enhancing the already strong ties between the two countries. It also serves as an opportunity to explore new avenues of cooperation and deepen understanding between the two nations.The Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Senegal, Mr. Saad Abdullah Alnofaï, also expressed his appreciation for the warm reception and reaffirmed his country’s commitment to strengthening ties with Senegal. He highlighted the potential for increased trade and investment between the two nations and pledged to explore new initiatives to promote economic cooperation.Overall, this meeting symbolizes the shared values, common interests, and mutual respect between Senegal and Saudi Arabia. Both countries have pledged to continue working towards enhancing their partnership and exploring new opportunities for collaboration. The outcome of this meeting will undoubtedly yield positive results and contribute to the growth and development of both nations
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