July 17, 2024

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In a shocking turn of events, FS Oil, a petroleum distribution company, has become embroiled in a massive financial scandal. The company’s current and former CEOs, Mamadou Bâ and Daouda Gaye, have been arrested and charged by the Criminal Investigation Department (DIC). The allegations involve tax fraud and the misappropriation of public funds. Let’s delve into the details of this high-stakes case.


President Bassirou Diomaye Faye’s tenure began with a strong commitment to combat money laundering and financial delinquency. This commitment set the stage for a groundbreaking investigation that would uncover deep-seated corruption within FS Oil.

The Accusations

The former and current CEOs of FS Oil, Daouda Gaye and Mamadou Bâ, have been accused of tax fraud and embezzlement of public funds. These serious allegations have led to their arrest and they are now awaiting legal proceedings.

Failed Amicable Settlements

FS Oil had a tradition of resolving disputes amicably. However, the company’s leadership showed a persistent unwillingness to settle their tax obligations, prompting Abdoulaye Diagne, the DGID Director, to take an unprecedented step. For the first time in the institution’s history, he initiated legal proceedings against the tax evaders.

The Debt and Fraudulent Practices

The company is accused of failing to pay a staggering 412,264,516 CFA francs in taxes, duties, and fees to the public treasury. This failure to fulfill tax obligations has led to the initiation of legal proceedings, marking a significant shift from the company’s previous approach to handling tax disputes.

Fraudulent Methods

The DGID Director highlighted that FS Oil had previously resolved its tax disputes amicably. However, due to the lack of payment willingness from the company’s officials, he was compelled to initiate legal proceedings for the first time in DGID’s history. Inspector Papa Diouf supported these claims, stating that the company’s accounts were emptied and checks were issued to the DGID without funds.

Mamadou Bâ’s Defiance

Despite being granted a 10-day grace period to clear a tax debt of 513,427,617 FCFAMamadou Bâ failed to comply. He continued the fraudulent legacy of his predecessors, emptying FS Oil’s accounts and issuing worthless checks.

Sékou Fofana’s Whereabouts

Sékou Fofana, a pivotal figure in this scandal, is reportedly in Guinea Conakry. His exact role and current activities are crucial to unraveling the full scope of the fraud.

The Role of Each Executive

  • Daouda Gaye: Implicated for not remitting taxes during his tenure, leading to financial instability.
  • Mamadou Bâ: Accused of continuing fraudulent practices and failing to settle tax debts.
  • Sékou Fofana: Reported to be in Guinea Conakry, also implicated for financial mismanagement.

Accountability and Transparency

This scandal has brought to light the dire need for accountability and transparency, especially in the energy sector. It is imperative that the responsible parties are held to account and that robust measures are put in place to prevent such malpractices in the future.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The legal proceedings will provide further insight into the roles played by each executive and the extent of their fraudulent activities. The public’s call for justice is loud and clear, and a thorough examination of FS Oil’s financial dealings is essential. The outcome of this case will have significant implications for the business community at large. It is essential for FS Oil and similar companies to maintain ethical financial practices to uphold public trust.

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