June 25, 2024

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Child Well-Being: Bacary Sarr’s Plea

On Tuesday, the Secretary of State for Culture, Creative Industries and Historical Heritage, Bacary Sarr, called for utilizing the inseparable link between art and education for the growth and development of children. The symposium, held at the Museum of Black Civilizations for two days, aimed to structure the young public show and was presided over by Sarr. The event’s theme was “What policies can be implemented to promote young public shows in Senegal?”One of the major focuses of the symposium was the impact of young public shows on the audience, the value chain of the arts in the industry, and the framework for training in this specific sector. In his opening remarks, Sarr emphasized the importance of supporting this program and providing all possible resources that the ministry has at its disposal, such as venues and logistics, to ensure the success of the event.He expressed his hope that the symposium would serve as a solid foundation for in-depth knowledge and systematic promotion of the young public sector in Senegal. He also assured the organizers of the full support of the state authorities, stating that, “We will spare no effort in making your proposals a valuable tool for the development of the young public sector.”The symposium, initiated by Djarama Cultural Association which focuses on children, youth, and education, seeks to gain recognition for the young public sub-sector from state authorities. The president of the association, Mamby Mawine (formerly known as Patricia Gomis), who is also a comedian and writer, stated that the main objective of the symposium is to propose a set of guidelines to the Ministry of Culture in order to support the project of developing the young public sector in Senegal.The aim, according to her, is to establish a policy mechanism to support this dynamic in terms of training, creation, and distribution of young public shows in Senegal. “We want to provide quality training for young people, enabling them to perform shows not only in Senegal but also on an international level, as the world is now interconnected,” she added.In conclusion, the symposium is a step towards the recognition and promotion of young public shows in Senegal. With the support of the state authorities and the dedication of cultural associations, it is hoped that this initiative will lead to the growth and development of this vital sector, providing opportunities for young people to showcase their talents not only in Senegal but also on a global platform
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