June 25, 2024

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Festival – 15th edition of Stlouis’Docs: Celebrating African and Creole documentaries

Sunuy Films from Senegal and Krysalide Diffusion from France are coming together once again to celebrate and promote the rich and diverse world of African and Creole documentary filmmaking in the 15th edition of Stlouis’Docs, the International Documentary Film Festival of Saint-Louis. Taking place from April 30th to May 4th, 2024, this highly anticipated festival aims to showcase the talents of emerging and experienced Senegalese filmmakers while providing a platform for international films to be seen in the country for the first time.In a recent press conference, producer Souleymane Kébé, co-organizer of the festival, gave a sneak peek into what audiences can expect from this year’s edition. He revealed that the competition will feature 7 Senegalese films, giving a spotlight to the country’s rising talents and experienced filmmakers. Additionally, there will be a category with a financial prize, making it a major highlight of this year’s festival. Along with the competition, there will be a selection of 27 documentaries from different categories, including short and feature length films, with the majority being new and never before seen in Senegal. These films were shot in various African countries and Creole-speaking territories, making Stlouis’Docs a hub for creativity and cultural expression.The festival will also include a competitive section featuring 21 documentaries, all of which will be presented to a panel of experienced industry professionals and critics. Rama Thiaw will serve as the president of the official jury, while the Association of Senegalese Film Critics (Ascc) will have their own jury to judge the films. In addition to screenings, Stlouis’Docs also offers opportunities for professionals, journalists, and film lovers to come together and engage in discussions and debates, enriching the overall experience.The festival also emphasizes the importance of making cinema accessible to all. Stlouis’Docs will host free outdoor screenings in different neighborhoods in Saint-Louis, making it a public event that attracts more than 5000 viewers and fosters a space for open citizen debates. This aligns with the festival’s goal of promoting cinema and fighting against exclusion by providing access to cultural cinema for everyone.The festival’s focus this year is on paying tribute to a prominent figure in the world of documentary filmmaking, director and producer Rosine Mbakam. In recognition of her valuable contribution to the industry, her works, which were filmed in Belgium and Cameroon, will be showcased in a retrospective. At the closing ceremony, Mbakam will receive the prestigious “Sargal’Docs” 2024 award from the Senegalese Film Directorate.Germain Coly, Director of Cinematography, expressed his excitement for Stlouis’Docs and reaffirmed the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture’s commitment to supporting this major event in Senegal, particularly in Saint-Louis. He stated that the ministry has always been a supporter of the festival, and this year will be no different, as the Minister of Youth, Sports, and Culture will be present at the festival to show their support.In conclusion, Stlouis’Docs has become a significant annual event in the world of documentary filmmaking in Senegal, and in particular, Saint-Louis. With its diverse selection of films, varied activities, and emphasis on accessibility, the festival not only promotes cinema but also encourages dialogue and exchange of ideas among professionals and the public. The 15th edition of Stlouis’Docs promises to be another successful celebration of the art of documentary filmmaking from Africa and Creole-speaking countries, and a showcase of the region’s talents and cultural expressions
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