June 25, 2024

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Sydney 29
Visit to the pilgrims’ hangar at Blaise Diagne International Airport (AIBD)

Yesterday, Her Excellency Mrs. Yassine Fall, Minister of African Integration and Foreign Affairs, visited the pilgrims’ hangar at the Blaise Diagne International Airport (AIBD). She was accompanied by Mr. Malick Ndiaye, Minister of Infrastructure and Land and Air Transport, as well as Mr. Cheikh Bamba Dieye, General Director of AIBD, to witness the protocols put in place for the reception and transportation of pilgrims on their way to Hajj 2024. This visit allowed them to ensure that all necessary measures have been taken to ensure a well-organized departure for our pilgrims.During the visit, the officials inspected the facilities and arrangements at the hangar, which will serve as the departure point for the pilgrims heading to the holy city of Mecca. They were briefed on the different procedures and preparations, including luggage checks, medical screenings, and immigration procedures. Mrs. Fall commended the efforts of AIBD and all parties involved in making the pilgrims’ journey a smooth and comfortable experience.Mr. Ndiaye also emphasized the importance of this visit and the government’s commitment to ensuring a successful and safe pilgrimage for all Senegalese pilgrims. He stated that the government has invested significant resources in putting in place the necessary infrastructure and protocols for this important religious journey.Being the first major pilgrimage since the global pandemic, there are added challenges and responsibilities for AIBD and the government. As such, Mrs. Fall and Mr. Ndiaye stressed the need for strict adherence to all safety protocols and guidelines to protect the health and well-being of the pilgrims.Closing Analysis:This news article showcases the proactive measures taken by the Senegalese government to ensure a smooth and safe pilgrimage for its citizens. The visit of Her Excellency Mrs. Yassine Fall, accompanied by other high-ranking officials, demonstrates the government’s commitment to supporting and overseeing the necessary preparations for the pilgrimage.The article also highlights the collaborative effort between different government ministries, including the Ministry of African Integration and Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure, and AIBD, to ensure the success of this important religious journey. This demonstrates effective coordination and communication between various government bodies.Moreover, the article underlines the significance of the pilgrimage for the Senegalese people, as well as the government’s efforts to facilitate a comfortable and well-organized journey for its citizens. The pandemic has added new challenges, and the implementation of strict safety protocols and guidelines is crucial to protect the pilgrims’ health and ensure the pilgrimage proceeds as planned.Overall, the news article provides a comprehensive overview of the preparations and protocols in place for the Hajj 2024 pilgrimage, highlighting the government’s commitment and dedication to supporting its citizens on this religious journey
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